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Service Plan One


Internally lubricated engine parts consisting of: Crankshaft & bearings, oil pump, pistons, piston rings, connecting rods & rod bearings, timing gears & chain or belt, camshaft bearings, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shaft & hydraulic lifters, intake & exhaust manifolds

Automatic Transmission

Internal transmission parts consisting of: gears, input & output shafts, bearings, front pump, Planetary assemblies, sprags, governor assembly, valve body & torque converter.

Standard Transmission

Internal transmission parts consisting of Gears, input & output shafts, bearings, overdrive housing & transmission case if malfunction was caused by the listed parts. Clutch plate, pressure plate, flywheel, release & pilot bearings are NOT included.

Drive Axle Assembly (2 wheel drive)

Consisting of: Drive shaft, ring & pinion gears, pinion bearings, side carrier bearings, carrier assembly, thrust washers, axle & axle bearing, Universal & CV joints, except if boot was damage or missing. Drive axle housing is also covered if damage is caused by failure of listed lubricated parts.

Drive Axle Assembly (4 wheel and all wheel drive)

Drive shaft, differential & CV joints & transfer case. With Applicable Surcharge.


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